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Transitions Signature VII lenses are the most adaptive lenses on the market. Transitions Signature VII are made exclusively with Chromea7 technology making the lenses completely clear indoors and darker outdoors with the fastest fadeback to clear indoors. 8 out of 10 clear lens wearers preferred Transitions Signature VII to their current clear lenses.



          Transitions lenses automatically and intelligently adapt to changing light conditions,optimizing the amount of light that reachesthe eyes so that the wearers get comfortable vision in any lighting condition.




         All Transitions lenses block 100%of UV rays and reduce exposure to Harmful Blue Light emitted bythe sun and electronic devices to reduce eye fatigue.



      Transitions lenses are a perfect replacement for standard clear lenses. Wearers can conveniently wear one pair of eyeglasses that work seamlessly, indoors and out.



       Wearers now have an option to pick their color and choose their style with Transitions lenses, now available in FOUR new Style Colors and SIX new Style Mirror options that are easy to style with various frames.



 Transitions Signature VII lenses are availbale in three Iconic Colors and four NEW Style Colors:

BROWN                                       GRAY                                      GRAPHITE GREEN


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