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These lenses provide close to a full diopter less astigmatism than other PALs at high ADD powers. Definity is the first progressive lens that uses DualOptix technology, which is a two-surface offset design to split the add power between the front and back side of the lens for advanced optics. Definity lenses provide patients with a wider intermediate zone, least amount of peripheral distortion, smoother transitions between distances and the unique Groundview Advantage.


Digital progressive lenses help patients adapt quickly at the first fitting and continue to evolve as their prescription changes over time.
As you know, a patient's required addition changes quickly over time once presbyopia sets in—addition can change from a 1.00 ADD to a 2.50 ADD in as little as ten years. This can result in numerous design changes to still provide your patients with the best viewing experience.
DEFINITY 3 and DEFINITY 3PLUS changes that. You can start patients in this design and the lens will evolve with them as their presbyopia progresses.

  • 35% less overall astigmatism versus competing PALs
  • Outperforms the competition, especially at high ADD powers
  • Performs better than DEFINITY in all visual zones
  • Easy to order
  • DEFINITY 3PLUS is personalized to your patients' facial anatomy

Definity Fairway

Specifically designed for golfers, Definity Fairway Transitions SOLFx lenses' unique features improve your vision, sharpen colors and contrasts on the course, reduce glare at every angle and more. Plus, Groundview Advantage allows you to better follow the ball by providing clarity at the ground-level zone. In a recent clinical study, Definity PALs were chosen 7:1 over competitive lenses for overall course play.
With Definity Fairway, you will

  • Read greens better in any sun condition
  • See the ball more clearly through all zones of vision
  • Optimize performance

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