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Ideal/Ideal Short

The Essilor Ideal lenses are backside digitally-surfaced engineered to be superior to the competition. Ideal lenses Optimize vision with wider corridors that allow for improved peripheral vision and quicker adaptation. Patients will experience effortless vision across the entire lens with reduced eye strain.
*Minimum Fitting heights 17 and 14mm. Available in polarized, photochromic and a variety of materials.

Ideal Advanced

Ideal Advanced lenses are tailored to the patient for patient personalization. They are a full-backside digital lens with Visual Acuity Booster to optimize each patient’s vision. Ideal Advanced lenses have an optimized distance zone while supporting the near vision zone.
*Minimum fitting height 17mm.

Ideal Advanced Wrap

Ideal Advanced Wrap lenses are specially tailored for wrap and larger frames. They have the same customized benefits as Ideal Advanced.
*Minimum fitting height 17mm. Available in 6 & 8 base curves to accommodate large wrap frames

Ideal Fit

Ideal Fit is the first personalized Ideal lens using vertex, pantoscopic tilt and wrap angle measurements.
*Minimum fitting height 14mm.

Ideal Computer

Ideal Computer lenses meet the demands for use of laptops and digital devices. These lenses have large intermediate and new fields of vision.
*Minimum fitting height 13mm and minimum B measurement is 30mm.

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