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Essilor Single Vision Digital

Essilor 360 SV is the only SV lens to offer WAVE technology with a digitally surfaced design. This lens has a unique back-side surface optimized for each RX. Due to this process, the peripheral aberrations are virtually eliminated. Ideal for patients with a complex prescription or needing a wider field of vision to help with tunnel vision.
*personalization available in Essilor SV Fit and Essilor SV eyecode lenses

Essilor Wrap Lenses

Essilor SV Wrap delivers clearer brighter vision with improved perception of details and textures. Each pair is tailored to the individual wrap and RX requirement. Essilor Single Vision Wrap is great for patients need a sun wrap lens. They offer a wider field of vision and less distortion than other designs with sharper vision across the entire lens.
Essilor SV Stylistic Wrap lenses to satisfy all wearers, whatever their style. Essilor Wrap is a digital design with excellent dynamic vision and aesthetics for active wearers. These lenses offer sharper and wider fields of vision with improved contrast thanks to Essilor WAVE technology.

Essilor Computer Lenses

Essilor Computer lenses are an aspheric, near variable lens designed to provide distortion-free near and intermediate vision, while offering a limited area of clear vision at full distance. Essilor Computer lenses provide a wide and comfortable intermediate area for full screen vision and accommodate to a patient’s natural posture and workspace ergonomic. They are designed for task-specific wearers who spend extended time at intermediate and near viewing.

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