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Kodak SoftWear

KODAK SoftWear Lenses are a digital backside near variable focus lens specifically designed for near-task activities. Computer-based projects or large amounts of detail work demand the use of a near-variable focus lens. KODAK SoftWear Lenses are designed with a larger intermediate area perfectly placed for viewing a computer monitor and incorporate a wide reading area to provide comfortable viewing of source documents or the keyboard. KODAK SoftWear Lenses devote the majority of the lens to near and intermediate vision, eliminating the need to tilt your head. If work or hobbies require constant viewing of items close up and 15” to 30” away, KODAK SoftWear Lenses will provide improved and comfortable viewing.
*Minimum fitting height of 17mm. Available in plastic, poly, 1.67 and 1.56 BluTech.

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