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Kodak Total Blue Lens

Technology has made a large impact, not only on how we communicate and keep in touch with the world, but also with the amount of time we spend using multiple devices. The popularity of blue-emitting devices has raised awareness for the potential of another level of vision protection.

Total Blue Benefits

  • Blue Light Filtering: Filters up to 80% of High Energy Visible (HEV)* Blue Light
  • UV Protection: 100% protection from UV rays
  • Glare Reduction
  • Object Recognition: Higher object recognition in low-light and night driving
  • Versatile Material Options
  • Brand Strength

*HEV Blue Light designation as 380-440nm based on visible light spectrum of  380-780 nm

            -Review of Optometry, February 2014

Blue Filtering Layering System

Total Blue Lens is a hybrid of lens material and a special coating that filters HEV Blue Light and protects against UV rays. It starts with a special lens material that is only used in clear version of total Blue Lenses. This special material absorbs 100% of UV rays. Then, a hard coat is applied for scratch resistance and then a multi-layer blue light coating is applied to the front of the lens to filter up to 80% of Harmful Blue Light. Additional layers on the backside of the lens provide protection from potential reflected UV rays and a superhydrophobic layer is added for easy-to-clean lenses.


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