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Computer Lenses

Computer lenses differ from regular lenses to optimize your vision when viewing or working with computer screens. Computer lenses are often referred to as Intermediate lenses. That is because when talking about the workspace, computer screens are usually positioned within 20-26 inches from the user’s eye. This is considered the intermediate zone of vision.

ecillust2loToday, almost everyone uses at least some computer throughout their day, some using more than others. Without computer lenses, many computer users will experience symptoms including Computer Vision Syndrome, severe eye strain, eye fatigue, blurred vision, and in more severe cases, can cause early onset of Cataracts or Age-related Macular Degeneration.

Computer Lens Design

Computer lenses are also referred to as Occupational progressive lenses. That is because these lenses have 3 visual zones that helps to correct near, intermediate and distance vision in one lens. Computer lenses have a much larger intermediate viewing zone than standard progressive lenses for more comfortable viewing at the computer. Because of the larger intermediate zone, the distance vision begins to become compromised, so these glasses are not normally recommended for driving or other daily distance tasks.


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