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Kodak Lens


The popular Kodak Unique lens is available in several designs with the same thing in mind- smooth gradation of power across the lens to ease patient adaptability and reduced distortion. All of the Kodak Unique lens designs offer a broad field of viewing.
»Unique »


Wearers of the Kodak Precise lens have compared its natural feeling and all-around optics to a single vision experience. The Precise has a wide near zone and allows for smooth transitions between visual zones to complete the “natural feeling” experience.
»Precise »


The Kodak Concise lens is designed with the small-frame wearers in mind. Concise lenses allow for comfortable viewing and visual acuity without sacrificing the patients desired look with a small frame.
»Concise »


Kodak’s new SoftWear lenses are near-variable and perfect for up-close tasks. With a wide-intermediate section of the lens, the SoftWear design is ideal for computer users.
»Softwear »

Total Blue

Kodak’s new Total Blue Lenses use a unique blue filtering system to help protect your eyes for your digital life.
»Total Blue »

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