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The most advanced series of lenses on the market today. These life changing lenses will give the sharpest vision while helping you to achieve the most natural vision possible.
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For your patients that want the sharpest vision, the Physio family of lenses is designed with W.A.V.E. technology that eliminates distortion and has up to 30% greater color sensitivity so you see vivid colors and finer details more distinctly.
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A fan-favorite for first time progressive wearers and advanced progressive patients, the comfort family of lenses allows for easy adaptation and easy transition between the visual zones of the lens. For a digital and customized version of the classic, try the Comfort Enhanced, Comfort Enhanced Fit and the new Comfort W2+ which allows for your best vision, even in low-light.
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Experience the Varilux S Design, S 4D and S Fit lenses. Digitally-surfaced on both sides, each design is created as a pair to make sure your eyes work in the best way possible-together. Using patented and cutting edge lens technology, the S Series is customized for every patient, frame and prescription.
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