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Varilux® X Series™ is the most innovative Varilux lens design available. Varilux X Series lenses* are the only progressive lenses to feature Xtend® Technology, a revolutionary design calculation. This innovation significantly extends the area of sharp vision within arm’s reach so patients no longer have to move their head to find ‘‘just the right spot.’’
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Varilux® Physio® W3+ lenses provide your patients with smooth transitions from near to far, in addition to sharp vision in low light. Varilux Physio W3+ lenses* feature exclusive SynchronEyes® Technology which calculates the lenses as a matched pair, letting the eyes work better together.
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Comfort Max lenses are designed keeping in mind the needs of modern presbyope. Powered by unique Flex Optum™ technology, Varilux Comfort Max provide enhanced postural flexibility and a stretched useful vision zone so your patients can see comfortably all day.
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Varilux Comfort DRX and Comfort DRX Short lenses are a full backside digital PAL design with W.A.V.E technology providing sharper vision. Comfort DRX lenses are designed to precisely position the near zone in the optimal position for the patient’s RX.
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