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Xperio is the innovative brand of polarized lenses that brings together the very best industry-leading designs and materials from Essilor, KBco and Specialty Lens Corporation. With Xperio polarized lenses, you can offer your patients superior visual performance and optimal comfort in the widest range of polarized offerings available. In fact, Xperio offers more than 40 unique polarized lens design and material combinations.

All lenses that carry the Xperio name meet or exceed Essilor's rigorous performance standards. Xperio polarized lenses are superior to ordinary tints with benefits that include:

  • Glare reduction
  • True color perception
  • Unmatched clarity of vision
  • Superior scratch resistance

3couleursWhy Polarized lenses and not tinted?

Polarized lenses are developed with a polarized film that is cast into the lens to filter out polarized light. Very much like venetian blinds, polarized lenses blocks light at certain angles, while allowing light to transmit at other angles. While tinted lenses can help reduce the brightness perceived, tinted lenses do not affect polarized light. For superior protection and comfort, polarized lenses are the logical choice for sun and glare protection.

The definition of polarized light

Light is emitted from its source in waves. This is true of light emitted from the sun or an artificial source. When light encounters an object, it is often reflected. When this reflection occurs, the light wave flattens out, traveling in a single horizontal plane, often with high intensity. Objects that can cause light to reflect include sand, water, snow, and other shiny surfaces such as roads, cars, etc. This flattened light, also called polarized light, often enters the eye as glare.

For the ultimate sun experience, try Xperio UV!

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