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Xperio UV polarized prescription sun lenses protect against UV damage, glare, scratches, smudges, dust and water for the best visions under the sun. Xperio UV lenses offer the maximum level of protection against the invisible and often irreversible dangers of UV light on both sides of the lens. Xperio UV lenses have an E-SPF® index of 50+ and provide 50 times more UV protection than going without eyewear

UV light comes from all directions, reflecting off surrounding surfaces and creating dangerous exposure. The back surface of ordinary sunglass lenses has been found to reflect light coming from the back and sides of the lens, increasing UV light exposure to the eyes. Some sunglasses and clear lenses made with higher quality materials block UV light from transmitting through the front of the lens, but they do not address the UV light reflecting off the backside of the lens.


Xperio UV lenses provide 50x more UV protection than going without eyewear.*


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