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Sharpview+ is a budget-friendly anti-reflective coating that is also high quality. Sharpview resists smudges and enhances lens clean-ability.

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Endura is a house anti-reflective coating with hydrophobic layer to make lenses easy to clean. Also available in Endura EZ, which has a super-hydrophic topcoat.

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Optifog is a “Fog-Free” coating that is combined with either TD2 or Crizal Avance to repel fog before it reaches your lenses, obstructing your vision.

mirror coating

Mirror coatings are applied to the front surface of the lens. They are available two styles: solid or semitransparent or “flash”.


A solid or gradient color that can be applied to the lens that reduces the transmission of light through the lens. Solid tints are applied uniformly across the lens while gradients colors are applied with the dark color on top gradually fading towards the bottom.


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