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Attitude III

The Shamir Attitude is an 8-base lens with the optics of a 3-5 base lens, so you can have a frame you love without having to sacrifice quality vision. Shamir Attitude is an advanced lens designed specifically for wrap around frames. They are suitable for a wide range or prescriptions and are ideally thin and light. These lenses have a high level of impact resistance that can successfully compete with polycarbonate lenses. They are ideal for mounting in rimless and half-eye frames.

Advanced Technologies

The Shamir Attitude III incorporates our most advanced technologies with unique benefits for both progressive and single vision, Sport and Fashion lenses.

  • Eyepoint Technology III
  • Natural Posture
  • Intellicorridor
  • As-worn Quadro

* Minimum fitting height 16mm

AT3 Flyer3Attitude III-Fashion

Attitude Fashion is designed with your most fashionable frames in mind – large or small, wide or narrow using all the latest technologies and custom frame measurements. Attitude Fashion proves expanded vision zones and peripheral vision in the perfect large fashion frame and distortion free far vision zones. They are designed to minimize head tilts for a more comfortable reading posture for near vision and intermediate zones are designed for lifestyles of frequent digital device usage.
* Minimum fitting heights- 15mm & 18mm

AT3 Flyer4Attitude III-Sport

Attitude Sport lenses are progressive sun lenses designed for sports and active lifestyles. It is a high-quality lens created with vision zones perfectly adapted to sports, so your patients can now play great and see how great they play too! Shamir Sport offers patients the widest far vision zone, providing stable vision below the fitting point and enlarged intermediate zones for better view of the intermediate sporting activity.
* Minimum fitting height- 18m

Autograph II Attitude

All of the benefits, technologies and customizations as the Autograph II available for larger wrap frames.
* Minimum fitting heights: 15mm & 18mm.

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