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CompWork Flyer2Shamir Workspace

Workspace lenses are the best solution for patients who need to near vision focus as well as mid-distance. Workspace is ideal for patients whose daily tasks require around 10ft of near and mid-distance viewing such as interacting with employees, presenting to groups, or actively moving around their work place throughout the day.
* Minimum fitting height 14mm


computerShamir Computer

Computer lenses are perfect who need to focus on immediate surroundings. Computer is ideal for patients working on a computer all day who need a wide field of near-viewing up to 5 ft.
* Minimum fitting height 14mm.

Shamir Relax

The Shamir Relax is a single vision anti-fatigue lens with a .65 add power at the bottom of the lens that helps reduce eye strain and fatigue and leave your patients feel energized at the end of their work day. These lenses are ideal for patients who spend a majority of their work day reading or using a computer because their eye muscles are constantly working to focus on these near objects.
* Minimum fitting height 16mm

Autograph II Office

Autograph II Office is the highest quality lens for occupational solutions. Autograph II Office caters to every aspect of a patient’s work day ensuring that they experience the most refined personalized vision every day. The Office II lens incorporates the patient’s workplace settings and environment with additional measurements for a personalized dynamic power to fit each patient’s specific needs. They are ideal for work or hobbies.
* Minimum fitting height 16mm

Shamir Office

The Shamir Office is an occupational lens that offers a wide clear and intermediate vision up to 13ft. Office lenses offer optimal intermediate vision and are visibly distortion free. They help to combat symptoms of eye strain caused by computers and are perfect for the office or any small work environment.

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