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Transitions® Signature VII Lenses

Transitions Signature VII lenses are the most adaptive lenses on the market. Transitions Signature VII are made exclusively with Chromea7 technology making the lenses completely clear indoors and darker outdoors with the fastest fadeback to clear indoors. 8 out of 10 clear lens wearers preferred Transitions Signature VII to their current clear lenses.

More reactive to indirect light

Chromea7 technology was designed to be even more reactive to indirect light. Indirect light can come from many sources such as light bouncing off buildings, cars, or other surfaces or light filtering through trees or clouds. The lenses can sense this light, even when you’re facing away from it, and adjust to the appropriate shade for your situation.

hotterClimateMore responsive in hotter climates

Temperature influences the molecules in photochromic lenses; they don’t get as dark in hot climates as they would in colder weather because of how heat interacts with the molecules. The molecules in Chromea7 technology were structured to be more independent of temperature, which means they get darker in hotter climates.

rightcolorJust the right shade, just the right color

In other photochromic lenses, wearers have noticed color variations as the lenses tint and react to different types of light. The dyes in Transitions® lenses and in Chromea7 technology work together to provide an even color at all levels of tint, in both gray and brown options

Available in Gray, Brown and iconic Graphite Green




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