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Varilux Comfort W2+
New Varilux Comfort W2+ lenses are crafted with W.A.V.E Technology 2 offering your patients sharper vision even in low light. W.A.V.E Technology 2 identifies and reduces wavefront aberrations in the lens. It also customizes the lens to the patient’s dynamic pupil size caused by changing light conditions.

*personalization available in NEW Varilux Comfort W2+ Fit and NEW Varilux Comfort W2+ eyecode lenses.

Varilux Comfort DRX Varilux Comfort DRX and Comfort DRX Short lenses are a full backside digital PAL design with W.A.V.E technology providing sharper vision. Comfort DRX lenses are designed to precisely position the near zone in the optimal position for the patient’s RX.

Varilux Physio Minimum Fit Height: 17mm
Varilux Physio Short Minimum Fit Height: 14mm

Varilux Comfort Enhanced
Varilux Comfort Enhanced is a DualOptix technology progressive lens. In addition to offering easier transitions between visual fields and wider zones throughout the lens, it is customized to the patient and the frame chosen by the patient. Comfort Enhanced lenses offer patients less peripheral distortion and also allow for a comfortable natural reading posture.

Minimum Fit Height: 14mm
*personalization available in Varilux Comfort Enhanced Fit and Varilux Physio Comfort eyecode lenses

Varilux Comfort
Comfort & Comfort Short is a general purpose PAL designed to be simple to fit and easy to wear, yet modernized for the visual needs of today’s presbyopes. Varilux Comfort Short lenses have all the benefits of a Varilux Comfort lens, but they are optimized to fit in small, stylish frames.

Varilux Comfort Minimum Fit Height: 17mm
Varilux Comfort Short Minimum Fit Height: 14mm

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