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The newest and most revolutionary coating to the Crizal family is Crizal Prevencia. With all of the same benefits and characteristics its fellow coatings, Prevencia carefully filters harmful and helpful blue-light. Prevencia blocks the damaging blue-violet light that is emitted from LED lights, computers, smart phones and tablets while letting in beneficial turquoise-blue light that is essential for our mood, sleep cycle and memory health.
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Crizal sapphire

For your clearest vision, Crizal Sapphire is the coating of choice. It is the best coating for reducing glare and reflections which can cause headaches and eyestrain. Sapphire also resists scratches, smudges and contains all of the same benefits and qualities as the rest of the Crizal AR family coatings while looking nearly invisible in your frame.
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Crizal avance

The most scratch-resistant and dust repelling coating of the Crizal Family is Crizal Avance. This coating is 2X more scratch resistant than Crizal Alize all while containing the same E-SPF and anti-glare qualities of Crizal Alize and Easy.
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Crizal alize

Crizal Alize includes all of the same benefits as Crizal Easy with an addition of superior protection against oil, smudges, and water. This extra-protection allows patients to clean their lenses less often and will also make cleaning easier.
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Crizal easy

Crizal Easy is a protective and anti-reflective coating that provides patients with clearer lenses and vision. With an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) of 25 this coating provides UV protection while reducing glare from lights and headlights, repelling water and resisting smudges and scratches.
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